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Transparent Refund Policy.

Although we have such a huge number of satisfied clients that we don’t really need to address the refund policies in detail but to adhere with the norms of commercial ethics and to clear all the skeptics of our students we would like to mention the following.We make sure that we satisfy every customer and go an extra mile to keep our credibility level high up on the sky and no matter how hard the road is we would do an extra mile or miles to satisfy all the needs of our highly esteemed customer but seldom and not very often if something goes different than what we planned and strived for then we shall refund you money after all our revision and other attempts to meet your requirements.If your refund claim meets the several criteria then it is deemed as legitimate and we cordially reimburse or refund your money at an instant;

  1. If you had a strict unchangeable deadline that our writer missed uninformed and there is no way for an extension.
  2. If you get a straight F grade that means you fail for submitting our written paper.
  3. In case the writer doesn’t seem to be serving you as per the needs.
  4. Even after numerous attempts to revise or amend the work you don’t find it good enough.
  5. If you are mistreated by any of staff members.

Such matters are dealt with utmost priority by the quality assurance department that happens to be the decisive authority on such matters.A claim for refund of money within the 7 days period of an order’s final deliver will be considered treatable and will be entertained.Every customer’s queries are reviewed thoroughly and with adequate references we take any step ahead towards the solution.

*A complete refund means 90% of your total amount as 10% goes to other fee and taxes etc.