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Security, confidentiality and data security are the top most concerns and fundamental right of every individual no matter what. We have a team of experts that specializes in providing protocols of data security and other related functions.

Personal Information:

We never maintain any records for marketing or other purposes and thus your information is very unlikely to be leaked, shared or transferred whatsoever. The writer doesn’t know your name since the writer can trace you by a unique order ID generated by our systems and he clicks on that order ID to send you messages where your email address is also not visible to any of the staffers. It is only the customer support team that can view your call back number, name and order details.

We do not require you to use your real name on our order form and we do not require the copies or originals of any of your government issues ID. Your information doesn’t have the binding to match the credential on your government issued ID this lets you have the control of your personal details.

Google Analytics:

Your presence on our website is analyzed by a google analytics tool but that is a virtual presence as your IP, browser, Area And country details can be seen. Other than this anything cannot be traced by this tools. Our marketing team uses this tool to analyze and evaluate the traffic visited our websites. So we use that statistic as a whole and not individually every visitor is focused.

PCI compliance.

To avoid, minimize, and fully eradicate card theft crimes online this payment card industry regulations have certified a few companies to be cent percent safe for customers when giving our their sensitive information. We fully adhere and comply with the regulations of payment card industry compliance and every six months a team of auditors review, audit and inspect us to renew our certificate of credibility.

You can use Paypal as that is the most secure and reliable payment method widely being used everywhere in the world.


Technicalities that you and I may not understand still do exist and cookies function to retrieve some information from your virtual presence that helps the systems to entertain you with a better experience. If you turn off your cookies some of the features on our websites may not be viewable for you.