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This is for those who have never had the opportunity and chance to use our academic writing services and thus they are skeptic and have some questions to ask. For being an instant responder and to save the time of our customer support such frequently asked common questions are hereby posted with their answers to assist and clarify the doubts of new users at best.

Trust and Reliability.

Thousands of students in UK and all around the globe have trusted us with their money and academic progress and we have come up to their expectations as always. This is the reason why we have a huge ratio of returning customers than the news ones. The new customers are mostly referred to us by our satisfied customers and thus we don’t have to spend on our marketing budget as our biggest and most effective marketing tool is YOU when satisfied.

Qualified Writers.

There are different groups or teams of writers that are qualified enough to undertake a Master’s or a PhD’s level piece of work. If you want a nursing paper then an expert with relevant qualification and writing experience only will be assigned to you. Just like that we only allocate relevant degree and experience holders to every customer or student.


Since this is not a pizza delivery service and quite different than conventional online services we want to make clear that if the writer realizes that the work does not seem to be doable within the stipulated time line he immediately contacts the clients and inform him/her about the situation. Otherwise we normally and mostly deliver within the framed timelines.

A Grade Guarantee

Since we work as per the students’ instructions and a student can possible miscommunicate or mistakenly order with vague instructions or something different than what the college or university tutor asked for, such uncontrollable factors make such a guarantee impossible for anyone. Those who offer this result and neglect all such possible factors are basically the frauds. We are honest and reliable therefore the thought of saying no to the guarantee of an A grade doesn’t scare us. We know customers believe in us for our results. There have been cases where students have secured distinction by our provided work but we never guarantee such outstanding results.


We do not compromise on the quality no matter what and thus we never negotiate on prices since we offer exclusive discounts of upto 20% on an order of above 6500 words.

What payment methods do we have?

The payment is upfront and the writing process is only started once the payment is made. If you want to order then clear the payment a well to consider your order fully placed. Paypal and all other famous methods are acceptable for our esteemed customers. If you want to wire the payment to our bank account then that is also a possibility.